Friday, December 23, 2005

Straight thoughts 141

After coming back from the US recently, I was surprised to hear that the Liberal party of Canada still existed and still had the same leader! This, after Liberal party officers violated the Election Act many times, on matters of contributions, expenses and money transfers. If the Family Coalition Party had violated a law or stole money, it would be very difficult to avoid de-registration.
But the biggest surprise is that Canadians do not care.
Elections will go ahead as usual. People, without much knowledge of the facts discovered by the Gomery enquiry, will vote for a party that was elected the last time by breaking the very election laws that declared them elected. In any other country this is called election fraud. In the Ukraine, in a similar situation, people took to the streets until fair elections were held. Not in Canada.
Why? The media, the "guarantor of our freedoms", has become a guarantor of a liberal agenda. We have lost our true freedom.
In the US a recent UCLA study has found that only Fox News is right of center, only three outlets (Jim Lehrer's Newshour, ABC's Good Morning America and CNN's News Night with Aaron Brown) were found slightly left of center, while all other TV media are on the left or on the far left.
What about Canada?
In Canada ALL national news media (magazines, newsprint, radio and TV) are biased towards the left or are far left. We simply do not have balanced news (believe it or not).
The net result is that most people, after reading, listening and comparing "news" from different sources, actually believe what they hear (in great measure and in most cases).
Basing decisions on fabricated or biased information is not a good course of action for anyone.
This, I think, is the fundamental Canadian problem. Canadians are not bad people, but many are just simpletons who believe in the three witches of the North who can embroider invisible garments.
If indeed I am right, it is extremely important for us to shout: "the king is naked".