Saturday, January 14, 2006

Straight thoughts 142

At the last English Leaders' debate, the scary candidate was revealed to be Mr. Martin, as he proposed to get rid of the notwithstanding clause of the Charter, so that "Parliament could never impose their view on the Supreme Court".
After past Liberal governments appointed most of the Supreme Court judges, and after Mr. Martin himself appointed justices Louise Charron and Rosalie Abella, representatives of left-wing radical feminists, the Martin proposal would impose the Liberal view on Canada for the next foreseeable future. However, it would have much more serious repercussions.
A democratic government is supposed to be by the people, represented by Parliament, not by an oligarchy of appointed rulers.
In Canada we never had independence between the legislative and the judiciary, as justices are hand-picked by the Prime Minister, but the powers of the Supreme Court are limited by Section 33 of the Charter (the Clause that Mr. Martin wants to abolish). The adjective "supreme" applies to the noun "court", meaning that this is the highest court of the land. Mr. Martin proposal would make his appointees "supreme" to all Canadian institutions, including Parliament.
This would be another nail in the coffin of Canadian freedom and democracy. Parliament could fold and our elected representatives could stay home. The Supreme Court would continue to "make new laws", could re-write our Constitution, would continue to "read-in" or even "write-in" the Charter, could decide to appoint our puppet Prime Minister and could decide to appoint their own successors.
Very scary!