Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Straight thoughts 140

We cannot be surprised any more about what the Supreme Court comes up with. As the leader of a provincial party, I cannot dismiss it either, as their decisions affect all of us.
Whether they are reading in the Charter a "right" that is not there, or whether they tell us that some kind of perversion, such as poedophilia, can be classified as "art", or whenever, as in today's decision, the judges of the Supreme Court are asked a question about the liberalization of sex, they do not even convincingly argue about questions of Law or constitutionality. They just decide that they will re-write the laws of the land according to their enlightened opinion.
Today, the Supreme Court essentially stated that since group sex, in their opinion, does not hurt society, thus they, the Supreme Court judges, changed our laws, and legalized group sex in clubs open to the public (not just in homes or hotel rooms). So, if your daughter (as young as 14) is invited by a friend for a night out, she might end up in the middle of an orgy.
What was unconstitutional about our existing law (voted by the majority in Parliament) forbidding a questionable behaviour for everybody? How was this law discriminatory against any one group mentioned in the Charter of Rights, such as people of different religion, sex or color? Does it matter to them what the Charter actually says, anyway?
Why am I even trying to analyze their pronouncements? Unfortunately Canada will be at their whims until the whole Court is replaced and the method of appointment revised.
Why do we need a federal Parliament, if the Supreme Court judges are the final authors or our laws?
Here is an important question... "WHO ARE WE GOING TO VOTE FOR, ON JANUARY 23rd?"
It does not seem it will matter until our institutions are reformed and Canada becomes a democracy.
I would suggest not to vote "strategically", but to vote according to principle and conscience.