Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Straight thoughts 97

November 5th, 2002

The words "racial profiling" have become a household name since the Toronto Star attributed this behaviour to the Toronto police.
Since then, Canadians of Middle East origin have complained about racial profiling, especially after the incident of a Canadian who was deported by the U.S. to Syria.
Finally, a couple of days ago, racial profiling has been used again to criticize the policy of the U.S. to require a VISA for Commonwealth citizens (with immigration papers to Canada) entering the U.S.

While I sympathize with the first two causes, I do not with the third.
The people who would distinguish between "Commonwealth" and "the rest of the world", as far as privileges to enter the U.S. are the racial profilers.
Why Canadian immigrants from Italy or France should require a visa, but immigrants from Malta or India should not?
Because of Britain having occupied those countries in the past?Were not Italy and France invaded (and liberated) by the U.S., Britain, Canada and the Commonwealth?