Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Straight thoughts 97 bis

November 12th, 2002

Since taking the reins of the PC party and the Ontario Government, Ernie Eves’ only preoccupation has been to meet the expectations of the LIBERAL voters, so that, in his opinion, he will gain their trust and their vote at election time.

He first “delayed” the tax credits to independent schools; then he put in place a scheme to pay physicians a fixed salary.

Now he is trying to re-regulate the price of energy, by sending out a pathetic cash rebate, but hiding from taxpayers a $30 Billion Ontario Hydro debt. Instead of making it clear that we need to conserve energy, by letting the price fluctuate according to market value, he is asking all taxpayers to pay through income taxes towards the hidden Hydro debt.

This is not an incentive to conserve energy and is not free enterprise. It is social control of energy prices: a move attempted by California governor Davies, which put Californians in an energy crisis downward spiral. Why would private companies want to invest in a regulated and under-priced market? We hope that conservatives will see through his desire to be in power at all costs, and vote instead for the Family Coalition Party.