Tuesday, June 11, 2002

Straight thoughts 92

June 11th, 2002

Why are the CAS agencies in Ontario (and in North America) pushing so hard to get their numbers up?

Their numbers, that is the number of children they place in foster care, are directly proportional to the funding they get, and the power house they build for themselves.

But, more importantly, a foster home can "train" tens, sometimes hundreds of children taken from loving Christian families to be "good Canadians" as defined by the politically correct activist elite.

Take, for example, the new law approved by the State Assembly in California: Foster parents MUST teach children about homosexual, transsexual and bisexual behaviour.

Finally the dots connect. The activists who have infiltrated most of our institutions still find it difficult to reach and indoctrinate children who are in the care of their own parents, but the job is much easier if the children are detached from their parents and passed through the foster care assembly line, directly controlled by state bureaucrats.

The Family Coalition Party recognizes that there are cases where parents should be criminally charged, but objects to state intervention directly aimed at destroying the natural links between parents and their children on a grand scale. The number of children placed in foster care is staggering. In the meantime severe abuse cases go undetected.

Given the various cases of abuse of power by CAS agencies in Ontario and the risk for even greater damage to children and families, it is now time to re-evaluate the methods of these institutions, their funding and possibly their very existence.