Monday, May 06, 2002

Straight thoughts 91

May 6th, 2002

In the last Ontario Public Service Union (OPSU) dispute, there were no big issues about safety or workers' rights. It would be difficult for the Union to argue that the issue was not about money.

After the strike was over, they claimed victory for having obtained a 5% raise this year and a smaller raise for the following two.

Their strike lasted 51 days. This is much more than 5% of their working year (so the workers lost three or four times the money they gained).

Since most workers were on strike, any money possibly paid to the workers by the Union, was the workers' money in the first place, raised through membership.

I do not dispute the right of the Union to exist, but can anyone explain to me how a public service worker in Ontario is served by his Union?

(just a question)