Thursday, June 20, 2002

Straight thoughts 93

June 20th, 2002

With Ernie Eves shifting to the left, invading the Liberal turf, on issues such as deductions to religious schools (delayed) tax cuts (delayed) Teachers demands (met), more money on environmental issues (what the opposition asked) more money spent on Health care and Education (without any hint to reform or privatisation), no money towards the debt (still at $110 Billion), it is no wander that McGuinty cries "foul".

"Ernie Eves is prepared to say absolutely anything to hold onto power," McGuinty said.
I have to agree.

It is now more important than ever to send an indelible note to the Progressives Conservatives by joining the efforts of the Family Coalition Party at this time.

More money, more spending, tax cuts, tax deductions and all other economic promises from politicians should not blind us to the fact that life issues and family issues have been put on the back burner since the PCs took power in 1995.

McGuinty is right. He knows well: he would do the same. Their only goal is to be re-elected. Then they will deliver more middle of the road policies, they will not rock the boat and they will follow the expectations of Ontarians as much as needed, with only one objective: be elected again the next time. There is power in being in power.

You may think that their objective is politics as usual, but why help them preserve this cycle of rotten morality?

We need to help Ontario, by sending them a message.

We will not accept a government that does not stand for life and family. Moral issues should come first. If they do not, you will have an unjust and corrupt government.

We will not be held to ransom. You cannot buy our vote by spending our own tax money.
We will not vote according to our pocket books and forget our children's future.