Friday, March 16, 2001

Straight thoughts 63

March 16th, 2001

One major reason for the demise of the federal PC party is its "middle of the road" approach to economic and government reform. A new poll released this week, showing a sharp decline in the popularity of the Harris government, suggests that the same may be happening in Ontario.

Ontario Government expenses have increased an average of 4% per year in the last four years, while economic growth has been much lower… and falling!

Health care spending per person in Ontario has increased an average of almost 6% per year in the last three years.

Interest charges on the Ontario debt are up to $9.43 billion: $1 billion higher than 1995 when the NDP was booted from office.

Given the above figures (courtesy of the Canadian Taxpayer's Federation), we can see that in spite of his dictatorial and confrontational approach, in practice the Harris government is not doing better than previous provincial governments.

The same people in Ontario who voted federally for the Canadian Alliance should now look at the record of the PC party and vote instead for a party committed to real conservative reform: See

The thought of the PCs losing the next provincial election is not radical any more. Where are reformers going to move to? I doubt they will vote Liberal!