Saturday, March 10, 2001

Straight thoughts 62

March 10th, 2001

Today my first grand-daughter, Gabriella, was born to my daughter Mariangela. Both are doing very well. This follows a couple of sad events where a close relative and a close friend have died.
Being "less involved" in this particular birth (and a little older), allows me to see life from a wider angle.

I think of how indomitably robust life is, a mysterious force that creates perfect new entities that did not exist before and replicates itself, as in a carefully planned game where the rules are prejudiced for survival. Something man is not able to initiate, nor to understand…

And I think of how frail each individual life is, hanging from an invisible thread that can be broken at any time. Something man is not able to prevent, but can cause with ease.

We can individually contribute to this force, or we can cease it.
No other creature on Earth is a threat to man, but man himself.
A tremendous responsibility we inherit with our freedom.

We have the choice to be part of a greater purpose and allow a life to become the seed of millions… and we have the choice to terminate life and extinguish ourselves.
Nothing less.

The field between decisions of life and death is where we exercise morality.
A field we plow and ready to bear fruit, if we have a profound awareness of being creatures of God.
A field we mine, if we do not respect life and follow our own greed.