Monday, March 26, 2001

Straight thoughts 64

March 26th, 2001

When one infant is left to die of malnutrition, as it happened recently to a young mother who refused to feed formula to her baby, the news is on all front pages.

When infants are being executed through "live birth abortion" as they come out through the birth canal, or being left to starve, if they are already born alive, the media is silent.

Because this massacre of about 1000 infants per year, in Canada, happens within the sterilized walls of a hospital, the facts are not publicized and people do not even know.

Before leaving office, Bill Clinton even signed a Bill to POSTPONE the time when an infant is legally a person, thus allowing infanticide until the baby breathes on his own! (That Bill has been put on hold by president Bush).

Should we not do a better job at publicizing the facts about live-birth abortion?