Monday, August 21, 2000

Straight thoughts 42

August 21, 2000

In our society priorities seem to be shifting from individual and family rights and privileges towards group privileges. The elimination of unwanted unborn children is one such example. The expanded role of the Children's Aid Society in Ontario, giving them broadened powers to remove children from their parents, is another example. The increased 'equality' that groups like EGALE have attained, by advancing the cause of men and women who engage in homosexual behaviour, is another example. The shift, from the parent-teacher cooperation towards the state-unions attrition in education, is another example.

Fundamental individual rights and the institution of the family are innate and inalienable; but every time group privileges become an issue it is because we are dealing with a dictatorship that instituted those privileges (Remember the USA or South Africa when they promoted racism, or Nazi Germany, or Communist Russia).