Monday, August 14, 2000

Straight thoughts 41

August 14, 2000

Social conservatives and Christians have often been accused by the liberals and even by the progressives within the PC, of 'bringing their religion into politics'.
After the Bush-Cheney and Day nominations, these attacks have intensified.

However, the 'a-moral crowd', under the pretense of being tolerant and allowing freedom of behaviour, is imposing its 'values' onto the majority.

Examples abound:

  • In business, where printer Scott Brockie was told that he could not refuse to print material promoting homosexuality.
  • In schools, where prayer is forbidden, but kids are indoctrinated in promiscuity and sodomy.
  • In healthcare, where the some governments do not allow private individuals to pay for their own private health services.
  • In family life, where children have been removed by the Children's Aid Society from good parents and given to foster parents.
  • In the media, where certain news are censored and Christian radio stations are restricted by CRTC rules not air their news and must 'balance' their programs, while the liberal media can air unrestrained violence and pornography.
  • In taxation, where we are penalized by high taxes and married couples are penalized even more.
  • In our basic freedoms, where only politically correct words are allowed and journalists have been arrested for photographing the very act of infringement of our freedom to demonstrate.
  • In the courts, where the progressive mentality has spread to the point of activism, without any popular mandate.
  • In private life, where Christians and pro-lifers are verbally attacked, stigmatized and socially ostracized.
  • In international affairs, where the majority of Canadian women has no voice and our country is represented at the UN by radical pro-choice feminists resulting on sterilization and abortion being imposed on developing countries.
  • Finally in our basic human rights, with the legalized elimination of life itself: the life of the unborn, the old and the handicapped.

You must be aware of these political impositions of the social progressives when listening to Klein, Harris, McGuinty, Clark, Chretien and company, who distance themselves from social conservatives with the excuse of 'separation of Church and state'.

(just a warning)