Saturday, December 18, 1999

Straight thoughts 14

December 18, 1999

Merry Christmas!

This may be the last time I can tell you that without infringing some law. The media have become so 'sensitized' about people of different faiths that they do not use Christian greetings any more. Large corporations already enforce de-christianized messages such as 'Season's greetings', not to 'offend' someone.

We witness a perverse understanding of freedom when some people, media and politicians are purging Christian messages of love and hope out of 'sensitivity', while they are undisturbed by four letter words in almost every film, obscene and desecrating 'art works' in our public galleries, violence, pornography, and openly anti-Christian films coming out of Walt Disney for the 'Family Channel'.

Jesus' message of love is indeed our hope!