Saturday, December 11, 1999

Straight thoughts 13

December 11, 1999

This BUSINESS of selling aborted babies' body parts for 'research' is insane. It rivals the business of selling aborted babies for the cosmetic industry in Europe.

However, some good may come out of this.
(How low society had to reach, for a point to be noticed!)
Look at how much attention was given to the news of a bag with a child's dismembered parts found in a Toronto park!

The media must now talk about BABY parts and BODY parts for sale.
The radical feminists have not come up (yet) with inoffensive 'replacement words' for 'body parts'.
There is a chance that people who are still in denial, and with their head under the sand, will wake up. Aborted babies are babies. With a formed, complete body.

Let's use these words and write to editors, MPs and MPPs, while we have an opportunity to wake up the nation.