Saturday, December 04, 1999

Straight thoughts 12

December 4, 1999

The media want no censorship (applied to them), yet they censor what we are supposed to know, hear and see. This is reflected in their choice of programming and the contents of their programs. Even in sports, they only show those sports that generate money in advertising.

If you think this is bad enough, think about our democratic right to have fair and balanced elections. When is the last time you heard a report on any of the minor parties? Do you know who their leaders are? What do they stand for?
Don't you think it is your democratic right to hear about all parties and their platforms at election time?

The Canadian social machine has devised two methods to ensure true and fair programming, against the 'capitalistic interests' of private media: public media (CBC) and a government commission to enforce a 'balanced' content (CRTC).
Unfortunately both organizations have been infiltrated by the same social engineers that comprise government bureaucracy.

The CBC today is the worst offender. We could save over one Billion dollars per year by closing it down.

The CRTC is out to lunch. You can easier obtain permission for a foreign pornography channel than a Canadian religious channel. It should be dismantled too.

The solution? Alternative media and new communication technologies that directly reach individual people and allow us to choose what information we want, when we need it.