Saturday, February 23, 2013

Climate Change VS Global Warming

"Climate change" is the latest terminology introduced by the left, as "Global warming" caused by mankind proved to be a "constructed reality". But the statement that CO2 causes temperature changes is also extremely exaggerated, to say the least.
People who worry about climate changes are barking at the wrong tree. Even if human habits could be drastically changed, this would have no measurable effect on climate.
Let's worry instead about pollution caused by other types of human activity, which incidentally have considerably improved over the last forty years, thanks to the concern of all of us.
Technical explanation
Greenhouse gasses are 2% of the Earth's atmosphere.  3.62% of these are CO2 (that's 0.0724% of the atmosphere). If we assume that 3.4% of this amount is caused by human activity, this is 0.00246% of the volume of the  atmosphere. That's less than one quarter of one one/hundredth of one percent. The rest of the CO2 (99.9975%) is caused by other natural sources.
If indeed the climate would be subject to change because of human activity by an almost immeasurable amount, let's say one one/hundredth of a degree per year because of human activity, then variations in the natural causes of CO2 (the 99.9975%) would cause fluctuations of temperature over 40,000 times greater, that is variations of 406 degrees per year!
Since that is far from what we experience (by at least three orders of magnitude), then it means that the effects of human emissions of CO2 on temperature are irrelevant.

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