Friday, January 04, 2013

Liberal logic and stupidity

  1. Prohibiting law abiding citizens to carry concealed guns leads to more violence (See Chicago, Illinois, Australia, UK), thus they propose more "gun control".
  2. Gun free zones allow criminals to freely shoot the highest amount of people before being stopped (almost all criminals who decided to do mass killings chose gun free zones), thus they want to prohibit guns in more places.
  3. They refuse to publish the names and addresses of convicted child molesters (because of their right to privacy), but they publish the names and addresses of police officers, judges and other responsible gun owners.
  4. They think "assault rifles" are dangerous in the hands of citizens. Thus they establish operation Fast & Furious to give them to drug dealers.
  5. Increasing taxes leads to less government revenue (see California revenues falling in Nov. 2012, after Prop. 30), thus they want to raise taxes to get more revenue.
  6. The myth of population explosion has been debunked years ago. We now have a problem of under-population in most industrialized countries. Thus, they want to reduce the population by encouraging abortion.
  7. The myth of global warming caused by mankind has been debunked (The data was fake and the amount of CO2 produced by mankind is insignificant with respect of what is produced by nature). Thus, they want to reduce carbon emissions caused by mankind, no matter what the economic cost is.
  8. The use of condoms has a 10% failure rate (If you engage in sex using a condom with an infected person 7 or more times, it is more likely for you to be infected than not). Thus they promote condoms for protection against AIDS.
  9. The more you apologize to your enemies, the more your enemies think you are weak and irresolute. Thus they apologize to Muslim extremists as much as they can.
  10. They think we should respect Muslims and try not to offend them. They heavily condemn an insulting video. But they go on and on bragging about killing Bin Laden. Then they are surprised to receive another terrorist attack on 9/11.
  11. They fight against Al Quaida terrorists and kill Bin Laden. Then they round up all the guns they can find in Libya and give them to Ansar-al-Sharia, an affiliate of al Quaida, for them to fight the Syrian dictator. However, they are surprised when the terrorists use those guns to attack their  ambassador in Benghazi on 9/11.
  12. They think dictatorships are bad. Thus they encourage a revolution in Egypt, so that a dictatorship can be established with the Muslim Brotherhood at the helm, who is enforcing Sharia Law.
  13. The more the government spends, the worse the economy, the value of the dollar and the national debt (The psychological effect of Keynesian economics may work temporarily, only when the people perceive that the government is on the right track). Thus they want to increase the debt ceiling in order to spend more.
  14. They plan to increase spending by 16%. When pressured by fiscal conservatives, they promise they will cut spending. Thus they increase spending by only 8% and praise themselves for "cutting their budget in half."

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