Monday, February 15, 2010

Straight thoughts 183

OK, even if we can show that Obama is a Muslim, that he has Communist roots and that he was not qualified to be President...
Even if we can get rid of Obama after his first term...
The problem is not solved.

We need to expose and defeat the mentality that elected him in the first place:

We need to ask people to check the substance and not be swayed by appearances.
A good speaker, who tells an audience what they want to hear at the time, not necessarily has the character and integrity to be trusted for leadership. Would you trust an engineer to build a skyscraper, a plane or a bridge by the way he speaks? Would you judge an accountant by the way he presents himself in front of a camera? Would you judge an athlete, a football player or a golfer, by his looks? Would you judge computer designers, surgeons or other professionals by how much money they can raise to advertise themselves?

We need to educate the people who think that liberalism is pro life and pro choice. It is neither.

We need to educate those who think that liberals have compassion for the poor: High taxation and high spending spell disaster for the masses, especially those who need jobs and/or are dependent on others to survive.

We need to educate those who think that socialism is “fair”. In the name of fairness socialist intervention and heavy-handed legislation always discriminates, according to the whims of lawmakers and appointed judges. The fairest and just law is natural law.

We need to educate those who think that raising taxes will increase government revenues. Raising taxes will LOWER government revenues when Society’s Investment in Government is above the Optimum point (See: Economic Optimalism).

We need to educate the people who think that governments can create jobs. Government jobs do not produce wealth and, more importantly, for every artificial government job, more than one productive job is lost in industry.

We need to ask people to call things what they are, to think straight and say the truth. People who want to nationalize, centralize and share the wealth should be called what they are: National Socialists.

We need to ask Christians to vote according to principles and long term vision. A “Charismatic” person with good intentions in power will do more damage than a drunken sailor. A short term vision will hurt the poor and future generations the most.

We need to show how liberal ideology continuously trumps the facts: See “Global Warming”, the Ethanol fiasco, the Stimulus fiasco. Almost anything that an ideologist “organizer” thinks he can do “for us” turns out to be a fiasco.

This massive education project is a difficult task, because liberalism appeals to the good side of men. How shall we defeat liberal ideology?

We need to show that this false ideology has feet of clay. This ideology cannot recognize the truth, or it crumbles: The liberal ideology cannot admit the humanity of the unborn, the value of religion and Christianity, the fundamental role of the traditional family, the ability of the free market to function, the disastrous effects of sexual promiscuity.

Liberal ideology dismisses the lessons from history: It will consider the oppressive socialist regimes of the past, and the mass killings committed by every national socialist government that has ever been tried, as practical imperfections of a perfect ideology.

The Liberal media continuously hides those truths that do not further the liberal cause.

Fortunately technology comes to our help. Communication is now less controllable by centralized powers.

Our battleground shall be the new media.
Our sword shall be the Truth.

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all of the problems we have are due to the fact that most americans are fat lazy and stupid