Thursday, February 18, 2010

Away From Marxism

We need a more permanent solution to our "red shift" problem.

We are constantly fighting the same battles.

For each man or woman we elect as our representative, there is a chance that he/she will become intoxicated by power or simply not understand the basics:

- The limited role of the federal government

- The problems of too much government, too much and too complex legislation, deficit budgets and lack of moral responsibility.

Each elected politician thinks that he/she “can do better”.

We say that “doing better” is not enough.

We expect government to operate in the best way it can, to allow for the economic prosperity of the nation and to be able to have enough revenue for required social programs.

Liberals think that more government is always better.
They will promote as much government as society can take. That is until they become afraid of losing power because electors start complaining too loudly.

They also think that raising taxes will always increase government revenue, at least until business threatens a revolt. In reality, raising taxes can achieve the opposite result: less government revenue.

The current US leadership through their nationalization of banks, mortgage companies and car companies, centralization of power and their passion for re-distribution of wealth, can be truly called National Socialist. We know that National Socialist regimes lead to loss of life, loss of freedom and destruction of property.

On the other side, conservatives instinctively and intuitively know that too much government is not good. But they may not be able to explain why.

How much government is too much? Can we find an Optimum Point that allows industry to create the maximum amount of wealth and produce a new renaissance, where America, once again, will lead the world BY FAR in standards of living, individual responsibility, defence of freedom and scientific and technological advance?

Economic Optimalism tries to achieve this goal, a new renaissance, by promoting the following ideas:

- The idea of maintaining the total amount invested in government close to the optimum point, as calculated by economists.

- The idea that politicians should not be responsible for budgeting. They should be given a yearly budget as a percentage of GDP and should only be able to prioritize the various programs in terms of percentages of this budget.

- The idea that such an optimization can happen year after year, independently from the political direction of the day and automatically react to the changes in productivity of the country. This will produce a compound effect allowing society to prosper very quickly and at the same time producing greater revenues for government programs.

- The idea of reducing the number of ways government collects taxes to a single tax: a fair tax on the sale of product and services. This simplification enormously reduces the cost of preparation and collection, thus redirecting many human resources towards productive activities.

- The idea that monopolies hold back progress, discourage the optimum use of resources and deter the maximum return for investment of both private or public funds.

You will find many other ideas in the book, or send me a message if interested.

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Anonymous said...

the only thing i see coming is civil war the nation will break apart into 3 or more countrys this will not be done nicely the country will run red with blood