Sunday, July 01, 2007

I wish... I did the wishing, for once

Suzanne Fortin, the Family Coalition Party Regional Director in Ottawa, must be congratulated for achieving the objective of creating support for “Abolish Abortion in Canada”, that won the CBC’s Great Canadian Wish list. Over 9500 people signed their name in. Just going by population, more than three thousand of those people may live in Ontario.

At the same time she had also scheduled a meeting in Ottawa on June 28 to establish riding associations and find pro-life candidates to represent our position for the October election. How many do you think volunteered to represent the pro-life cause and put their name on the ballot?

Canada must be the place where every “good citizen” wishes… that someone else did the work! “Raise my taxes… and take care of the problem. Raise my taxes… and help the poor for me.”

We are clean, aseptic, uninvolved and uncommitted.

This generation did not go through a war. The ones that are, are in Afghanistan. Young people may think that the “culture war” can be fought just by clicking on a web page.

May be the reason why we wish abortion would go away is… because it’s a bloody affair.
Let someone else get their hands dirty.

“What? Me? Become a candidate?
I am too busy. I do not have the smarts. I am praying for you. I have done my part. I am already involved in a RTL group. I have other responsibilities. It ‘is’ not the ‘right’ time for me. If I do a job, I want to do it ‘right’. My ‘career’ would be affected. I would lose my job. I have no job. I would help, if someone else runs. I am too young. I am too old. I am too sick. I have skeletons in the closet. The FCP has no chance of winning. It would not make a difference. What can the FCP do?”

We heard most of the excuses in the last twenty years. We can provide you with more, to cover up your fear of “public exposure.”

We also have the answers, but it’s easier for you to “click” the problem away, rather than to ask yourself a simple question: What did I actually “do” about it, apart from signing petitions, complaining and clicking on a web page?

Yes, abortion must go. Why is it still here? If only a few of these “good wishers” had a spinal cord and became “doers” we would abolish abortion in Canada.

No wonder politicians have a field day at paying lip service to “good moral citizens!”

They can do the opposite, any time, and pay no consequence:

“What are good wishers going to DO about it? Run against me? It almost never happens. Let them wish what they want. They live in a dream world. Reality is tough and dirty. I know better. I do not need to listen to them. There is no political price to pay. Let’s use MORE of the good wishers’ money to pay for the very thing they want to wish away.”

In the last twenty years, while good wishers anonymously watched the news and browsed the net, more than two million babies did not see the light of day.

We cannot wish that away.

But we can do something to avoid the NEXT two million casualties.

For once, I have a wish. I wish YOU, who are reading this note, became a “doer” and stop wishing someone else did the dirty job.

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