Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Straight thoughts 155

No matter who wins the CBC poll “The Great Canadian Wish List”, it is now clear that the top two wishes will be about the abortion issue.

It is a shame that during five consecutive governments (since the Mulroney government) the issue has remained in “legal limbo” and has not been addressed by our elected federal politicians. In all other countries, abortions are restricted (or forbidden) by law.

It is also a shame that Ontario provincial leaders went along with funding any abortion, for any reason, at any stage of the pregnancy, in any public or private facility. Any type of abortion is allowed, including partial-birth abortion, recently made illegal in the US.

In the US, the issue of abortion is seen as a top issue in the 2008 presidential election by 40 percent of Americans, indicating it still plays a prominent role in how people cast their ballot for president.

While feminists complained about the deaths of women for “unsafe” abortions, today more women die of complications from abortions, in addition to the tens of thousands that ARE the object of abortion.

It is now time to re-open the issue.

Give the FCP a mandate for the October 2007 Election.

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