Friday, November 03, 2006

Straight Thoughts 146

On the right side of manholes

How silly can political correctness be?
The new metro Toronto works department is now changing the name of manholes.
I never thought that a manhole cover could be thrown at me, personally. However, if someone should be offended, that the access to sewage pipes are called “manholes”, these might be men, not women. 
Did any man complain? Indeed, did any woman ever feel offended?But in this new world, re-definition of terms has become a show of intelligence of bureaucratic brains. 
Voila’, we’ll call them “utility hole”, so that a utility “person” can access the sewage pipes getting dirty, yes, emasculated, may be, but never ever even thinking that he could be sexist in doing so.The underground pipe system in Toronto is now a “culture” with its own exhibit and web pages. Very nice and sophisticated, but why normal people do not have time to rename objects and build new sub-urban culture web sites, while Toronto bureaucrats do?

(on the light side)

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