Sunday, June 04, 2006

Straight Thoughts 145

AIDS causes death. What are we doing as a society?

What can be done to prevent AIDS? 

We developed a vaccine against polio, small pox and other viral diseases. What about a vaccine against HIV?

These are fair questions, but the answers have been few, because of the difficulty of AIDS research and because of the unpopularity of the truth.
While many viruses are highly transmittable, the HIV virus has a very low transmission rate. For the virus to transmit to another person, there needs to be an exchange of blood.

If you knew, as we do, that the HIV virus can be transmitted through tainted blood, would you not screen blood donors for this virus and prevent these people from donating blood? Of course we do.

If you knew that killer virus X was transmitted by sharing socks, would you try for twenty years to develop a vaccine, so that people can continue sharing socks, or would you tell people to stop sharing socks?

HIV is transmitted through anal intercourse and other blood sharing activities, such as sharing needles or donating blood.

Why have we allowed millions of people to die in the last twenty years, while trying to develop a vaccine? Why are we spending over $180,000 per year, per person infected with HIV?

Is it because we do not want to tell people to stop sharing blood?

Actually, no. We have told people to stop donating blood, and to stop sharing needles, but to stop anal sex? That’s inconceivable.
It means we could be exposed as unrealistic, or homophobic. We could be tried by a Human Rights Tribunal !

It is better (according to our politically correct leadership) to continue the scientific bio-medical challenge of finding a vaccine, while people become infected by HIV and we cure AIDS victims at our expense, so that people can continue their anal sex practices.

It is better to tell them to use condoms, even if using condoms is often ineffective against AIDS.

It is better to let people die than provoke the politically correct media or gay activists.

We can tolerate a culture of death, millions of deaths around the world and hiding the truth, but cannot tolerate being called homophobic.

Anything but say the truth, if this can hurt your image as a progressive person.

Image is what counts isn’t it?

The truth is much simpler. AIDS is preventable by abstinence outside marriage and faithfulness within marriage. Uganda has proven that this worked in drastically reducing AIDS, but the big media never told us, because of their bigotry.

According to a study published in the April 30th edition of Science, HIV prevalence in Uganda declined in the 1990s by 70%, thanks to “community mobilisation and risk-avoidance at a population level”. The report says: “Reduction in sexual partners and abstinence among unmarried sexually inexperienced youth, rather than condom use, are the relevant factors in reducing HIV incidence."

Abstinence, even abstinence from anal sex only, in the pre-conceived opinion of the media (and our media-following leaders), is unrealistic. So why bother informing people that a natural, free “vaccine” exists and is 100% successful, when used?

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