Saturday, September 17, 2005

Straight thoughts 138

According to our government, treating people equally (man and women alike) cannot ensure equality. Now they have redefined the word equality to fit their "affirmative action" agenda.
If you had any doubt that "affirmative action" meant discrimination, you can go to the government web site "Status of Women Canada" [1] and read: "The concept of gender equality recognizes that treating women and men identically will not ensure equality because they experience different social relations and living conditions." Their idea is of course to discriminate against men and in favour of women, to accelerate "gender equality." Their purpose justifies their means: Let's discriminate in order to achieve equality!
Will our government impose discrimination in favour or against certain people until all Canadians experience the same "social relations and living conditions?" (e.g.: type of job, size of house, number of friends, type of entertainment, food, clothing, habits, etc.).
This is just as absurd as the idea that all Canadians should have the same skin colour.
Perhaps our Status of Women minister should discriminate against people with discriminating ideas in her own ministry.