Tuesday, March 23, 2004

Straight thoughts 116

March 23rd, 2004

The news agency Reuters published yesterday that in a New York trial challenging the US government's ban against partial birth abortions, a pediatrician will be allowed to testify that a fetus may experience pain during the late-term procedure.

Apart from the obvious question: why should she not? Would you question whether the same infant, five minutes later, once completely born, would feel pain? Other questions arise:

If the answer was "no", would that justify killing her?

If the answer was "yes" why not sedate the infant first - and then kill her?

All of this is absurd, as absurd is any court decision based on the false premise of Roe vs. Wade and the legal definition of a person as as separate entity from a human being.

Of course in Canada we have no such nonsense! An infant becomes a legal person after the process of birth, but before the umbilical cord is cut. As a result, you can perform abortions at any time.

It does not matter that the umbilical cord is attached to the placenta, which is not attached to the mother any more... It is a sufficient excuse to see the baby in the face and hear her cry before she is executed by stabbing her on the neck, or let her die by starvation. That's the Canadian gentle way. That's civilization!

The Canadian law is very clear: THERE IS NO LAW!
Thus, there is no question of interpretation of the law.

Say this to anyone and they would not believe you. But they believe the government, the CBC and anything else on the stupid box!