Thursday, March 04, 2004

Straight thoughts 115

March 4th, 2004

A couple of weeks ago I wrote in our Spring newsletter The IMPACT, how the Governor General, under recommendation from our Supreme Court Chief Justice Ms. Beverly McLachlin, awarded the order of Canada to the 'minister' who performed the first illegal same-sex 'marriage' in New Brunswick.
So much for our representatives of justice and government! How could you top that?

The dust is not even settled on that appointment, and the Governor General came up with another rotten choice (see CBC article below). She gave $15,000 of your tax money, together with a visual arts award, to a punk 'artist' who has managed to tantalize the media with his naked bloody stunts.

That artists should be free (within the limits of the law) to express themselves, it is understood.
But to give Canada's most prestigious visual arts award to this 'neo-Dada' because he "challenges our conventional versions of reality and helps us to redefine it" just exemplifies decadence: The same decadence and contempt consistently shown by the Governor General in her luxurious re-modeling, travels, tastes and expenses.

We, who support her extravagances, should also have the power to "recall" her from her post.