Sunday, June 24, 2001

Straight thoughts 73

June 24th, 2001

For those heterosexuals who enjoy promiscuous sex within or without a non-committed marriage and then opt out of marriage through no-fault divorce, it is typical to accept and pay tribute to homosexuals conducting the same type of behaviour. Why should gender make a difference? Why should having 20 partners be different from having 200?

Gay pride parades are displaying the level of degradation of morals and sexual behaviour across the whole of society. The price we pay for this degradation includes the break-down of families, children growing up with only one parent, higher costs of daycare, higher levels of teen-age criminality, higher incidence of sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS and breast cancer, the lack of over 100,000 youth per year entering the work force and our inability to cope with the costs of healthcare and senior care.

Governments who intervene in social and moral issues can only be as morally bankrupt as society is. Where are governments getting the authority to promote parades, promote homosexuality or heterosexuality in schools? To pay for abortions? To force the police to arrest peaceful demonstrators? To force health care workers to do unethical procedures? To force pharmacists or printers or any other business to provide "services" they do not want to provide? To intervene (through 'human rights commissions') on all sorts of moral issues? To force "reproductive choice" on third world countries?

Families should be empowered to educate their children, create their own prosperity and care for their seniors. Churches should teach moral responsibility, and the law should simply and clearly protect the inalienable rights and dignity of every human being: life, freedom and ownership of property.