Thursday, April 19, 2001

Straight thoughts 67

Apr 19th, 2001

The moral relativism of the hippy generation has been transmitted and amplified, through the school system and the media, to the next generation.
The virtues our forefathers fought for: life, freedom, justice, truth, honour, respect and morality are not valued anymore.

An example confirms this perception: a poll by the Globe and Mail found that a large majority of Canadians would want the Latimer sentence to be reduced on compassionate grounds.

Never mind a homicide was committed. Never mind his daughter was handicapped. Never mind what the law says. Never mind what the judges say. Never mind the truth. Never mind the dignity of every human life. Never mind the immorality of his action. Never mind the message sent to all handicapped people. Never mind she did not want to die. Never mind the inalienable right to life. Never mind God, who put her on this earth… The average Canadian says: "He had a 'good' intention, so he should not pay that much."

Our children are learning this: "I did the wrong thing, but I have a good excuse, so I should not be punished."
Our politicians think so when they are caught.
Even the former president of the United States thought so.

We are missing the heroes who define the word "character" for a whole generation.