Sunday, April 08, 2001

Straight thoughts 66

Apr 8th, 2001

You need a lot of faith to believe that a baby awaiting to be born is not really a baby, but all of a sudden at birth he or she comes out of the womb with all the organs perfectly formed and working.

It takes similar faith to believe that the same baby would all of a sudden develop into a human being if he or she is taken from the mother's womb when premature through C-section at seven or eight months (like my daughter Anna), or by abortion at any time.

It would be much more rational for these faithful, miracle or magic believers to accept the secular, scientific evidence that life begins at conception.

However, it is more convenient for the media not to upset popular thought with risky new concepts, such as knowledge and science.

It is more convenient for politicians not to upset their own chances at re-election, by exploring such risky subjects. After all, those scientific facts seem to be accepted ONLY by about half of the population!