Saturday, February 17, 2001

Straight thoughts 60

February 17th, 2001

How can "freedom of religion", as entrenched as one of the four fundamental freedoms in the Canadian Charter, mean that the traditional reciting of a prayer at the opening of Municipal Council meetings, in Public Schools and in the Legislature must be suppressed?
Why does tolerance, the virtue liberals extol and worship so dearly, does not apply to religion and prayer?
If the intent of the Charter was to limit or suppress religion in public, would it not say so?
On the contrary, the intent was that no Canadian is entitled to try to suppress the religious beliefs and the prayers of others.

The "right to privacy", supposedly infringed by such things as a human life growing in a woman's womb or religious manifestations in public places, was never included in the Fundamental Freedoms section of the Charter. Nor it was included in the detailed sections listing Democratic Rights, Mobility Rights, Legal Rights or Equality Rights.

It is conveniently "read-in" by the Supreme Court to justify the moral corruption and secularization of society.