Monday, November 27, 2000

Straight thoughts 51

November 27, 2000

A clear picture of the Ontario Progressive Conservative party is emerging. Harris has no sense of direction. He does not know what 'conservative' means. This is shown by many pieces of legislation passed by his government that increase state intervention and centralize power, contrary to conservative philosophy and democratic standards. His main concern is to remain in power.
Like their federal counterpart, the Ontario PCs have chosen to move towards the left and have chosen radical feminists and homosexuals as their allies.

Recently, Bill 117 has been fast-tracked through the Ontario Legislature and has already passed second reading. The Bill deals with abuse, but there appears to be a continuous altering of the definition of abuse to meet a set goal.
The Bill establishes procedures for an 'emergency intervention order' to strip men of all of their possessions (house, bank account, car, properties) as soon as a suspicion is uttered that they have been abusive in a current or previous relationship. The legislation may be used against anyone who is, or was, in a relationship of any kind, from spouse or former spouse to even a person who had a former dating relationship. Once the process is started, the bureaucratic machine is set into motion and it cannot be stopped, not even by the person who originally complained.

The Bill is known as: "Domestic Violence Protection Act" and is being considered by the Standing committee on Justice and Social Policy, whose members are mostly PCs.

Should we not expect legislation untainted by radical feminist misinformation from a conservative government?