Monday, November 20, 2000

Straight thoughts 50

November 20, 2000

How can a Liberal Prime Minister plan his own defeat?
Excluding the obvious direct approach: "Do not vote for me, I am incompetent", The PM has tried everything, from misuse of HRDC money, to calling an election when it was not needed. From suspicious grants to businesses in his own constituency, to pressuring a bank manager to give a mortgage to a business, when he was a former part owner of that business.

He has created enough 'smoke' to alert the police (several investigations are still pending), the Privacy Commissioner (Re: Canadians database), the Information Commissioner (threats to his own staff to prevent disclosure of embarrassing information), the Ethics Commissioner (Re: billions of slush spending to party supporters) and the Auditor General (Re: long-standing and wide spread willful misuse of job grants).

I challenge you to find one way for the Prime Minister to do or say something that would cost him the election.

(not that easy!)