Monday, July 17, 2000

Straight thoughts 37

July 17, 2000

Recently an amendment to this Act, Bill 6, was introduced by our beloved Progressive Conservative government. This amendment was proclaimed and came into force on March 31st.
Yes, our beloved Progressive Conservative government, not the federal Liberals, passed an amendment expanding the reasons for finding a child in need of protection by the state.

The new law establishes a lower threshold for reporting if there are "reasonable grounds to suspect", as opposed to the old threshold, which was to "believe on reasonable grounds". The duty to report applies to ALL GROUNDS FOR PROTECTION instead of the old criteria based only on abuse or substantial risk of abuse.
Now in Ontario the Children Aid Society can enter a house and if, in their opinion, the house is not suitable, they can 'protect' your kids by taking them away!
You think I am kidding? You think I am exaggerating?

Dave Mielke, from Ottawa, is happily married with wife and kids. The society went in one day and upon inspection of his house they found it too dirty. Voila'! Bill 6 in one hand, the police behind, they took away his nine youngest children and placed them in five different foster homes.
This happened in Ontario, year 2000, under a PC government!
They separated crying kids from their mother, while she was almost becoming hysterical… they separated young children from each other and moved them with strangers in different homes, because… their house was too dirty!

You think that the police would have produced a court order to enter their house and inspect it? Naaa… This is Mike Harris style. They just get in, inspect and take the children away! This is a statist government, exactly the opposite of a true conservative government, on all social issues.

Are you going to vote for these jokers again? For more power to the government? More social services? Every time you do so, you remove power from yourself and your family. Think again.