Saturday, January 22, 2000

Straight thoughts 17

January 22, 2000

The Canadian Labour Congress has decided to spend some of its members' money on a campaign to defend the homosexual lifestyle.
Not only they use union funds for political aims, against the wishes of many CLC members, but their ads make matters worse, for the homosexual cause.
They say: "We'll give you a $3 bill if you can spot who is gay in this picture." First of all, it doesn't sound very serious. I could give you a $30 bill for whatever other reason.

The fact that you cannot recognize people engaging in homosexual acts from their features goes to show that theirs is a behaviour, not a physical difference.

Just the same is true for people who engage in any other form of deviant behaviour or addiction.
The difference is that with other forms of addictions we suggest therapy. Gay activists, instead of requesting money for therapy, ask money to promote and support the addiction.

People engaging in homosexual acts are losing their right to therapy in exchange for society's justification and formal approval.
If you were addicted, which would you rather seek?