Friday, November 16, 2012

Eating less meat

Activists on the left say that when you eat hamburgers you contribute to “global warming”. But don’t you need to kill a cow to make burgers? Why then fewer cows would increase CO2 production?
Because apparently they understand how the market works: more demand allows for economy of scale: with more money invested in the improvement of farm methods and facilities, we would achieve more savings for producers , lower prices and more consumption, thus even more demand for meat and eventually more cows!
If only they applied the same reasoning to every other sector of the economy!
For example,
-If the left allowed for more oil drilling in the US, the current demand with new investments and technologies would lead to more abundance and lower gas prices.
-If they had not required lending institutions to finance unqualified buyers, the cost of borrowing would have been lower and the housing market would have continued to prosper.
-If they lowered the taxation and regulation burdens from industry, the cost of products and services would decrease and the buying power of salaries would increase.
They do not seem to acknowledge that demand and lower prices create more abundance and a higher standard of living for all. On the contrary, they think that producers are the enemies of the people. But producers are the people! Most of us contribute to creating products and services with our work...
...Apart from left wing activists.

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