Friday, August 19, 2011

Inverted justice

James Pendergraft, a Florida abortionist who owns five abortion clinics in Florida and one near Washington, D.C. , will likely see his businesses close. Why? He did not manage to terminate a child targeted for elimination by her mother. The child lived, but developed serious health problems. Years later, the mother sued the abortionist for malpractice. The court ordered the abortionist to pay $36 Million.

So, here we are in 2011 with an inverted "justice" system: a system that can take action against someone who is a "professional life terminator", but only for the wrong reasons.

Of course there have been countless cases of malpractice suits in the abortion industry, but now just ponder one of the many liberal paradoxes: the "justice" system in the US (as in many other "civilized" nations)allows the "legal termination" of a million unborn babies each year. The only requirement is for the mother (not the father) to want the child dead.

Once that requirement is established and a professional is hired for the deed, if everything goes "well", everyone is happy: the mother (at least for the moment), the professional, the courts, the liberal politicians and the abortion advocates. But if the professional cannot deliver on his promise without a trace, then everyone gets upset and the "dirty business" must stop.

The honor code of the Mafia was somewhat similar to the laws of our "collective", don't you think? A professional killer would pay the price, if he would not deliver on a hit.

Looking at our political leaders and our courts, I would say that our morals have fallen to the level of an association for the purpose of extortion, redistribution of profits and imposition of power.

It is time to limit the power of "the collective" to protect people, especially the defenseless.

It is time to return to individual responsibility and moral interactions among people, family members, associations and businesses.

It is time to support those governments that are close to the people and responsive to their distress calls, not governments planning our lives through social engineering.

Let's exercise our individual freedom to develop our gifts and produce prosperity, not to control or terminate the life of others.

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