Sunday, January 09, 2011

Second Edition of my book!

The second edition of my book: "Marxism or Capitalism? Discover Economic Optimalism" is now available in PDF form. I can Email it to you upon request, or you can download it at:

I have removed the Chapter on the money supply and "Economic Stimuli", because what I wrote more than a year ago has now been proven. The "prediction" that the Stimulus package(s) in the US would not help the economy is not a prediction any more, but a fact. That discussion was interesting and perhaps necessary to understand the economy a year ago, but it wasn't really part of the discussion on Optimalism.

I have added several sections on the Laffer curve and the explanation of other curves leading to the STING curve. Also several sections have been re-organized.

I have added a Chapter on what wealth is and how it is created.

I have added a Section on the morality of taxation and a section on how the people can guide government more closely, using modern communication technology.

I have added several sections on the optimization of government levels and detailed figures about what government departments could be financed by a single sales tax (or Fair Tax).

I have also added several sections throughout the book and made several changes and corrections.

Overall, the book is a little longer, but more readable, more informative and more focused on the US economy.

I still believe that the book can help reconcile socialists and conservatives on economic issues.
What's your opinion?

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Anonymous said...

its very simpel our money is not based upon gold at the mint nixon was president when that was changed the federal goverment spent all of the money that was held in trust funds for social security the federal goverment trys to decide who will rule other nations our federal goverment bank rolled mubarak in egypt and are president talks like egypt is like school children having a fight on the play ground