Friday, April 23, 2010

Straight Thought 186 - Automatic Nationalization

Obama is moving towards an almost unstoppable automatic and progressive nationalization process.

With the latest “Financial Regulation” Bill the US Congress will be willingly giving up its constitutional prerogative of law-making. Not only appropriation of private interest (stock in a private company) is outside the limits of Congress, but certainly it is not a function of the Executive Branch, by any stretch of the Constitution.

With this Bill the Executive branch (I.e.: an appointed Czar) acquires the power to appropriate private interests WITHOUT the approval of Congress: an automatic bailout mechanism authorizing the Executive Branch to spend public money, in effect to “nationalize” some part of the private sector.

This automatic mechanism seems to have been conceived in order to avoid approval from Congress for appropriation of funds after the November 2010 election, when president Obama could lose the support of Congress and be neutralized in his program of "change" towards national socialism.

The people’s best hope is for the Senate to stall this Bill and any similar legislation until November, possibly on Constitutional grounds.

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Anonymous said...

when we have lost are freedom and are like china we will have a civil war that will make egypt look like a tea party for the rich and famous