Sunday, June 21, 2009

Straight thoughts 181

The decision of the Supreme Court of Canada “not to hear” the case of Donald David Spratt against the “bubble zone” confirms the attitude of lower courts, both in Ontario and in British Columbia.

Since the Supreme Court members are mostly appointed liberals, the decision is not surprising.

Years ago the Supreme Court decided to ignore an even more important case: Whether the unborn is a human being. There was no reaction in Government and no media outrage. Why not to leave things as they are?

Former Prime Minister Chretien was convinced that there is “social peace” on abortion and the current PM certainly does not need a reason to shake his precarious hold on power. Thus, there is no pressure from government.

The media did not report the latest march for life in Ottawa, with 13,000 participants, so they will gladly miss the opportunity to publicize the irresponsibility of the courts with respect to pro-lifers.

Unions are allowed to protest in front of factories. So-called anti-poverty groups are allowed to protest, even if their demonstrations often erupt in violence. Environmentalists, homosexuals, Tamils and all other minority groups are allowed freedom of speech anywhere, and rightly so, but pro-life citizens are treated as second class.

It does not matter that Canada is the only nation in the world without a law regulating abortion.

It does not matter that the Charter protects freedom of speech.

It does not matter what the majority wants.

It does not matter that pro-lifers are protesting places where preborn babies are slaughtered by the thousands.

The damage done by successive irresponsible governments to the fabric of our nation will have an impact for many more years, but our determination to establish a culture of life cannot be shaken.

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Anonymous said...

i live in america iam an american it is none of my business what is going on in canada we need to keep the conversion on america if you want to change canada go live in canada