Friday, May 29, 2009

Straight thoughts 180

The moral struggle of man has been between a lifestyle of immediate gratification and narcissism, helped by innate selfishness, and a lifestyle that includes generous work for humanity helped by the innate sense of conscience.

The first lifestyle goes against natural law, family, religion, and any organized for of moral control. It is dismissive of history and has no hope for the future. It lives for “today”. It comes disguised as “love”, but a love that terminates life by abortion, and invites destruction, physical sickness and death.

The second learns to overcome selfishness, learns from history how to build a better future, with the intent of transmitting life, culture and property to the next generations. Its consequences are abundant life and prosperity.

What is “new” in this generation’s struggle is the attempt to elevate the first lifestyle to a “culture”, by changing the law, honouring the destruction of new life, destroying the family, enforcing a new religion, manipulating education and normalizing aberrant behaviour.
However, the consequences do not change.

What will help us defend our culture from destruction is the Truth.

Truth allows us to learn from history, expose evil and discriminate between right and wrong. Even more importantly, Truth “makes us free”.

Man is endowed by its creator with life and freedom. He naturally resists the chains of imposition. This time it is the dictatorship of a self-destructive lifestyle imposed on us as a culture. It has no natural foundation and it will not last for long.

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