Sunday, February 01, 2009

The non-humanist faith

Some “humanist” leaders, including some radio talk show hosts and many TV commentators, believe as a matter of faith that a baby conceived in the mother’s womb is not a human being until some undetermined time before birth. Even their name is inconsistent: they should be called “non-humanists”.

Their proposition of faith seems to have more popular success than the position of major religion leaders on life issues.

Major religious leaders are often criticized for “imposing their faith” on others. However, in the last fifty years, their moral leadership advocating the protection of human life has been found to match the current scientific knowledge about the unborn: They are human (46 chromosomes) and living (growing within the mother’s body with an independent brain, heart, circulation system, etc.).

We are witnessing an inversion of roles: the “humanists” are non-humanists by faith, while the main religious leaders are the real humanists, promoting scientific knowledge and the paramount value of all human life.

Because of the success of the non-humanist faith, some doctors get away with the Hippocratic Oath (literally get away with murder) and many politicians and judges can avoid exercising their duty: The first duty of government is protecting the lives of its citizen.

Those people, who attack religious leaders for their “arrogance” in opposing public programs for “reproductive choice” around the world, condone the current abortion holocaust because of their faith in “non-humanism”. While they are horrified by the thought of young mothers who could die from botched abortions, they blindly go along with the large scale extermination of their daughters by abortion. They are comparable to the middle ages fanatics, who burnt at the stake “witches” (or condoned their killing) because they “believed” in witchcraft.

Exposing the scientific ignorance of these non-humanists is the first step towards a more informed, less violent and more just society.

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lee woo said...

I consider myself a political revolutionary humanists. See the link below for more info.