Friday, September 12, 2008

Eliminate HRC's

Canada’s human rights commissions and tribunals are a system parallel to the court system. They are redundant and should be eliminated.

To the people who think that they are unique and provide a “service” different from court system, here is how they are they different:

--- They are not bound by rules of evidence, precedent, or courtroom procedure.

--- The state pays all the plaintiffs’ legal costs, but defendants must pay their own.

--- “Feelings” are accepted as evidence.

--- The “likelihood” of damages being incurred, at some indefinite time in the future, substitutes for real damages that can be shown to have been incurred.

--- They have the power to “balance rights” and decide whose rights matter most in any given set of circumstances, thus citizens can never be sure, from day to day, what their rights are.

As a result, in Canada real justice is done only when HRC cases are appealed to the real courts.

Who wants to maintain the human rights commissions and tribunals? The people who want to use public money and resources to attack and smear their political opponents.

They have become an instrument for enforcing one’s own views using public money.

They are seeds of "cultural change" implanted into the bureaucracy by previous left-wing governments.

They have become a lobby group paid by the public purse.

They cannot be “reformed”, but need to be eliminated.

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