Monday, May 19, 2008

Straight Thoughts 167

Ontario’s Health Minister has now reintroduced government funding for sex-change operations.

Our party had a policy against government funding of sex-change operations and other elective procedures since the early ‘90s.

Psychiatrist-in-Chief at Johns Hopkins University Paul McHugh classifies transsexualism as merely one symptom in a larger complex of personality disorders, McHugh believes that psychiatrists should treat such patients with the talking cure, not radical, irreversible surgeries.

After extensive research into the subject, he stopped “sex-change” operations at John Hopkins and encouraged other facilities to do the same.

Sex is defined at conception by a gene in the DNA. This triggers a series of hormonal changes that shape people physically and mentally before and after birth.

Sex “change” operations do no change peoples’ sex, but can only shape genitalia. Currently these operations can be performed on men (removing their genitalia and creating a female “pocket”).

Where are the feminists and human rights activists screaming “discrimination” and requiring this procedure to be stopped until the opposite procedure can be performed on women? Someone should call the HRC!

More seriously, the Ontario Health Minister is using scarce taxpayers’ money for cosmetics and deception, instead of basic health.

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