Saturday, January 26, 2008

Straight Thoughts 163

Active homosexuals are banned from donating blood after innocent people started dying of AIDS as a result of blood transfusions and a consequent tainted-blood scandal in the 1980’s.
Now Health Canada, for the same reasons, started banning active homosexuals from donating organs.
However, our Ontario health minister, Mr. Smitherman, said: "I think it was a bit silly, really, and very insensitive, the way that they make these blanket determinations about risk on the basis alone of my sexual orientation.”
The same politically correct attitude in the 1980’s is still causing people to die. In addition, as a self-declared homosexual, Mr. Smitherman has a conflict of interest.
He should be told that he is the person who is insensitive to other people’s lives. People go to hospitals and receive blood and organ transplants with the reasonable expectation to get better, not with the expectation to acquire HIV/AIDS as a result of “politically correct”, but medically insane decisions.
The Minister of health should do his best to improve the health of Ontarians, not to put them at risk. Mr. Smitherman should resign for his inability to separate his own lifestyle decisions from the decisions required by his office.

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