Friday, November 30, 2007

Straight thoughts 160

November 30th, 2007

At a time when in the US the number of abortions is at an all-time low since 1974 and most Republican candidates are eager to appear as much pro-life as they possibly can, the Ontario Premier is still beholden to the policies of false feminism.

The Ontario Premier is increasing the funding for abortion with the excuse that waiting times for this “service” in Ottawa have increased, as some doctors performing abortions in the Ottawa Hospital were on vacation during the summer.

In reality, many women regret having abortions and many suffer physical and psychological problems as a result of abortion.

Instead of spending more of our money for an immoral cause, McGuinty should work on reducing abortions by informing women of the risks of abortion, informing them of the humanity of the unborn and proposing alternatives to abortion.

The Family Coalition Party has policies that would support pregnant women, provide health coverage for children in the womb; give tax credits for adoptions; promote abstinence in schools; require pro-life information to be provided to women requesting abortions; require a mandatory cooling period before abortions; require parental consent for minors; require the reporting of complications due to abortions; allow the freedom to health care workers to opt-out from performing or helping perform abortions and restore freedom of speech of pro-lifers to peacefully demonstrate in front of abortion “clinics”.

As a result, we would reduce the number of abortions; stop using public funds for abortions; stop extra billing for elective procedures, such as abortion, and stop using public funds for private abortion “clinics”.

The problem is not “waiting times for abortions”, but the killing of human beings!

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