Friday, August 31, 2007

Straight thoughts 157

August 31st, 2007

Campaign Life Coalition (CLC) attempts suicide!

After thirty years of unsuccessful lobbying of the main political parties, both provincially and federally, Campaign Life Coalition (CLC), the lobbying arm of the pro-life movement, now attempts suicide.

They are opposing the best chance in Ontario’s history to have a political party in the legislature representing pro-life and pro-family values.


They fear that they will lose their ability to lobby those old parties and they do not believe that the moral majority can ever obtain political power on their own merit.

Their vision?

They suggest maintaining the current electoral system, that gives unfair advantage to the established parties, which they “lobby”.

They choose to part ways with the FCP, the only pro-life party engaged in an open, democratic political contest, and use money donated to the pro-life cause for lobbying pro-abortion parties.

They also align themselves with their ideological opposition by suggesting that the pro-life party they started in 1987 (the FCP) is irrelevant.

Their lack of vision, is a disaster for the pro-life cause and for Canada.

Their suicide attempt may be their only success.

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