Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Straight thoughts 154

I am tired (to use a mild term) of double standards in the media and in government.

The recent case involving Atlanta lawyer Andrew Speaker, traveling back from Europe with a potentially fatal TB virus strain, had ample publicity.

He was quarantined. The world immediately reacted to the potential danger. US Health authorities had to respond to immediate inquiries in two congressional hearings: Had they acted immediately in the best interest of the public? Zero tolerance was the name of the game.

What did we do with the case of Gaetan Dugas (AIDS “patient zero”) an airline steward who had traveled to Africa and is credited by some as the source of the HIV epidemic in the US from the 1980s onwards?

We let AIDS carriers free to travel, wander around and have sex, propagating the disease. We let millions get infected and many thousands die.

What are the Health authorities working on? A possible vaccine.

As in the case of Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), they plan to vaccinate school children around the world, so that we can carry on with promiscuous lifestyles.

-In the case of TB (and other non-sexually transmitted viral diseases) we isolate the carrier.

-In the case of AIDS (and other sexually transmitted viral diseases) we let the carriers roam, but vaccinate everyone else.

Such is the willingness of media and governments to kowtow to the promiscuous sex sub-culture.

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