Monday, March 19, 2007

Straight thoughts 151

Is profit scary?

Speaking about the long queues of people waiting for orthopedic surgery, Mr. Smitherman said recently:
"I will never support the outsourcing of those knee surgeries to any private, for-profit-motivated organization."

Profit is obviously a bad word in the mind of the Ontario Minister of Health.

We disagree.

Are physicians, health care workers and administrators working for the public system not paid? Are the contractors and builders of public hospitals not paid? Are the banks lending funds to the Ontario government not making profit?

Of course they are. So, what's the difference?

Private facilities do not receive public grants, must remain in business without the privilege of running a deficit and must provide good service to attract and maintain customers.

According to the liberals running Ontario, these are bad things. They'd rather carry on with their ideological stand rather than do what is best for Ontarians.

The Liberals prefer a system where they can "control" who gets the profit, no matter what the level of service is (e.g.: one year delays), rather than allowing the most efficient and responsible professionals to be rewarded for their excellence.

Indeed, it is a question of values: control, centralization and influence, vs. responsibility, efficiency and excellence.

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