Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Straight Thoughts 148

Excluding Christians
According to Canadian court rulings, if you are a Christian you cannot work in one of the following professions without compromising your beliefs.
You cannot be:

-A Policeman: David Packer was fired from the Toronto police force because he respectfully asked another assignment, in place of guarding an abortion clinic.

-A Teacher: British Columbia Chris Kempling lost his job for writing letters to the Editor, in his own time, explaining how homosexuals can be helped to change their orientation.

-A University professor: David Mullan was fined by Cape Breton University, Nova Scotia, for expressing his views on homosexual behaviour.

-A Pharmacist: British Columbia Premier Ujjal Dosanjh threatened "government action" to ensure pharmacists will dispense abortifacient morning-after pills without a doctors prescription.

-A Nurse: Bill Whatcott was fired as a nurse in Saskatchewan and later fined by the Saskatchewan Human Rights Commission for his Christian activism while in his own time.

-A Printer: In Toronto Scott Brokie was summoned by the OHRC and lost his court case in front of the Ontario Court of Appeals, for refusing to print propaganda material for a homosexual activist group.

-A Landlord: The Knights of Columbus in British Columbia was forced to Pay Damages to Lesbians for Refusing to Rent Hall for “Wedding” Reception.An Innkeeper: A Prince Edward Island Christian couple, Dagmar and Arnost Cepica, closed down their Bed & Breakfast business to keep from being forced to accept homosexual couples.

-A Civic Official, Marriage Commissioner or Justice of the peace: Manitoba ordered Kevin Kisilowsky to conduct marriage ceremonies for same-sex couples or hand in his licence.

-A Mayor: Fredericton mayor Brad Woodside was brought before the New Brunswick Human Rights Commission for refusing to proclaim Gay Pride Week. In two similar cases in Ontario, mayors Dianne Haskett of London and Bob Morrow of Hamilton were found guilty of "discrimination" and forced to pay large fines by the Ontario Human Rights Commission (OHRC), in spite of their religious objections to making Gay Pride Week proclamations.

-A Pastor: Reverend Stephen Boissoin was summoned by the Alberta HRT for writing letters on the issue of homosexuality. This case is still pending.

When will they strike at your profession?

What to do?

The solution is to support a political party that will defend our fundamental freedoms and will promote judicial reform (while political parties still enjoy freedom of speech in this country).

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